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Lamborghini V12, V8 hybrids incoming; EV second half of decade


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Lamborghini says the company is currently at the end of an era, celebrating the last of its current flock of naturally-aspirated V12 and V10 supercars, as well as its twin-turbo V8 Urus.

It plans to shift next-generation products to hybrid technologies, starting with the Aventador replacement to be unveiled this year. The first fully-electric Lamborghini is due in the second half of the decade.

Speaking to CarExpert, Lamborghini’s Director of the APAC region Francesco Scardaoni said the brand’s move toward hybridisation may be coming later than its direct rivals, but it’s done so for a reason.

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“Of course, we know that some of our competitors are already into hybrids but we never said we wanted to be the first one, just that we wanted to be the best one,” he said.

“In this new field, because it’s still a new field for everyone, every day more is one day more to learn and get something newer in terms of electric technology that we can use in our cars.

“We strongly believe that the new Aventador that is a V12 hybrid will be a state-of-the-art hybridisation structure, we believe that the next products will be using state-of-the-art cutting edge technology.”

  • lamborghini-aventador-svj.jpeg

As for the current cars, Scardaoni said the company is using this limited time as a way for celebrating the end of an era. It is unclear if the V10 will be electrified or if the company will seek to use the same hybrid V8 across Urus and next-generation Huracan models.

“We are in the combustion engine celebration [stage], step two will be hybridisation that will bring the company to 2025, in the hybridisation phase we will introduce next year with hybrid V12 then followed by [hybrid] Huracan [replacement] and Urus.”

Scardaoni also confirmed that the brand will introduce a pure-electric model that will have a 2+2 seating configuration and sit alongside the upcoming three hybridised models by as early as 2025.

  • 2022-Lamborghini-Urus-Verde-Mantis-8.jpg
  • 2022-Lamborghini-Urus-Verde-Mantis-18.jp

Lovers of internal combustion engines need not lose all hope, just yet, for Lamborghini (being part of the Volkswagen group that also includes Porsche), is holding out for synthetic fuels.

“When we said that we will move into the hybridisation and electrification program, we never said that we would stop the internal combustion engine, that’s the reason why we are investing a lot in to synthetic fuels, because we might see potential with synthetic fuels and if that is the case then we can keep open many opportunities and many kinds of engines,” he said.

Lamborghini has a big year ahead, with new variants to the Urus SUV and its future V12 product set for unveiling in the coming months.

MORE: Lamborghini nurtures combustion in EV era – CEO interview

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