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Return of the 928?


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Concept coupe conjures return of the Porsche GT



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Julliana Cho's striking 929 concept study.


A Porsche-sponsored design student in England has penned a stunning coupe concept study called the 929.

The return of a large, comfort-biased, 2+2 sports coupe would give Porsche a player in the luxury GT segment that includes the likes of the Aston Martin DB9, Ferrari FF and Maserati GranTurismo, and perhaps even high-end variants of BMW's 6-Series and the Mercedes-Benz CL-Class.


A two-door version of the near-five-metre-long Panamera would also mark Porsche's first large coupe since 1995, when the front-engined 928 and 944 models were discontinued.


But until such a car arrives, we have Julliana Cho's striking 929 concept study (pictured) to capture our imaginations.


Cho, who is being sponsored by the famous Stuttgart brand during her final year at the Royal College of Art in Britain, has penned an edgy electric-powered coupe borrowing design themes from the limited-edition 918 Spyder.


The sketches revitalise Porsche's GT coupe tradition with futuristic design cues and aerodynamics.


The 929's ultra-long doors pivot from the rear wheels. We are not sure how practical they'd be in garages but they look the goods and provide easy access to front and rear seats.


Other notable styling touches include half-moon wheel covers and an elongated rear diffuser.


With a distinguished CV that already includes several design awards and internships with Honda in Japan and GM Daewoo in Korea, Cho is one to watch.


[source: smh.com.au]

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