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Porsche plans E-Class competitor, codename Pajun

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  • Porsche plans E-Class competitor, codename Pajun

    German car magazine Auto Bild reports Porsche is planning build a sedan that will slot below the Panamera and compete directly with the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Citing no sources (so a grain of salt is recommended), the magazine claims the four-door, codenamed Pajun, will cost no less than $84,000 and be ready for production no later than 2017.


    In September 2011, Car claimed the Pajun could spawn coupe, convertible and even a shooting brake variant. Back then, rumors swirled about powertrain options that included a 550-horsepower V6, 600-hp V8, plug-in hybrid and an Audi-sourced diesel.

    Hopefully, Porsche is also working expeditiously to find a better name than Pajun, which in Korea is a seafood pancake, in Finnish it means willow, and, according to Google's translation, in Welsh it means wait for it Cajun. That's the name Porsche was using to refer to its smaller-than-Cayenne SUV before changing it to Macan in February. Clever coincidence.